Bob is the kind of career coach who will get you focused and motivated in your job search. Whenever I had a bad day with my existing job and felt too exhausted to proceed with my search, or felt pessimistic, Bob always found a way to make me feel supported and bounce back with a renewed sense of purpose, optimism and energy to get out of my toxic situation. He is great at listening and understanding your needs to come up with a tangible plan of action, which helps you track and celebrate your progress. He also did a terrific job revamping my resume and LinkedIn profile. With Bob, you not only get a career coach, but you get a collaborative partner who is invested in your professional success and well-being.  CK, Marketing Director, NY, NY


I found Bob when I was searching on the Internet for a Job Coach. Having been employed in the same position for over 25 years, I was looking to explore a career change. Since I was out of the Job Market for so long,  I wanted to work with someone who had extensive experience in the workforce to develop a resume, understand how to network and use social media in my job search. I found Bob to be a great help in all these areas, and in addition he was able to guide me on creating cover letters, finding specialized job sites and exploring different career possibilities taking in mind my specific requirements. He was always a step ahead on what needed to be done and he kept the job search process moving. AP, Project Manager/Artist , Tenafly NJ


I met with Bob Weingartner to discuss my employment situation after being unemployed for a few months.  His valuable advice in terms of my resume, interview tips, and networking recommendations, have led to several career opportunities.  I am now happily employed at a world renowned organization, and accepted a position that is aligned with my career goals. I strongly recommend professionals to seek Bob’s guidance in order to accomplish the next step along their career paths. AH, HR Business Partner, Bergen County, NJ


A friend and mutual colleague referred me to Bob and WEINFIVE Career Coaching when I was recently laid off from my job.  Given that it had been 15 years since my last official job search, I quickly learned it was a whole new ball game!  Working with Bob not only provided me with an updated resume to conquer the internet job search, but his guidance in building my LinkedIn profile proved to be equally as valuable in my efforts to market myself as a serious and viable candidate. In addition,  Bob’s calming and supportive nature encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone to reach out to former colleagues, friends and acquaintances to build my network;  working with Bob was and continues to be a tremendous confidence booster in my job search efforts and I recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. CR, Director of Supply Chain, Hawthorne, NJ


Although I have known Bob Weingartner for more than 30 years, it was only when I saw him recently and told him I was unemployed, that I learned of his work helping people in search of employment.  Since then, he has been an invaluable source of help and encouragement.  Bob made a date to meet with me and reviewed my resume. He provided vital information and told me about his work at JSWT. I attended my first meeting last week on the topic of networking. This was my first experience at this type of meeting and I was truly impressed. His presentation was pointed, informative and he was open to questions at any time. In addition, he provided his presentation from a previous meeting on the subject of LinkedIn.

Bob continues to send out information to the group on job openings that he learns about, as well as, updates on networking meetings in the area.  He makes himself available by phone or email and asks for nothing in return.

I think the biggest testament to his ability to reach and help others was a women who attended the meeting who had just accepted a job.  She attributed her success in finding employment directly to the meetings with Bob and the JSWT. When I asked why she was still attending a meeting even though she had found employment, she said that she knows that she can still continue to learn from Bob.

LBP, Admin./Facilities Manager, Secaucus, NJ


I have been a JSWT member for short period of time.  However, in this brief span, I have turned to Bob Weingartner for counseling and received invaluable advice.

Example#1:  I was anxious about how to and when to follow-up after interviewing. Example#2:  I had never been requested submit to a background check and needed help deciding how much prior work history to reveal. 

I believe that the advice I received was instrumental in my receiving a job offer. I fully intend to continue attending the JSWT meetings.  I still have much to learn about the job search process and believe that the JSWT provides a wealth of information.                                                                                                                            

AA, Project Manager, Hackensack, NJ


I am a member of Bob Weingartner Job Search Work Team (JSWT), which is made up of both employed and unemployed members. I lost my job over a year ago and he showed me how to not get discouraged and to focus on a new beginning. He taught us all the latest methods in starting a job search. Some of the methods included social networking, resume creation, interviewing techniques and various other skills that we can use to land a new job, a new career or just knowledge for the future.

My favorite part of the JSWT program was the interview preparation. He set up a mock interview with a company that he assigned us to. We came in our best interview outfits, and answered his tough questions. After the mock interview, we sat down with him to learn how we can improve for a real interview.

Bob has gone above and beyond, and is knowledgeable about human resource. Many group members have landed new jobs and careers thanks to Bob’s help and coaching abilities. With Bob’s help, I know that it will be my time soon to land a job. Thank you Bob for all your help!                                                                                           

Ann D., JSWT, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ


I joined the Job Search Work Team (JSWT) last January and it didn’t take me long to realize that Bob Weingartner is the epitome of what a “successful” career coach should be.  From a professional standpoint, he focuses with the team on all the critical ingredients that are necessary for creating the proper job search.  Developing a job search marketing plan, tailored resume building, and core interviewing skills are three highlights that I found particularly influential.
At another stance, Bob also dedicates himself to each team member on a personal level as well.  By this I mean he makes sure his guidance and expertise is available to you anytime throughout the day or evening via email or phone.  He takes the time to carefully critique the profile of each JSWT member; and wherever he ascertains a good fit, does not hesitate to make a referral to one of his numerous personal contacts – which in fact is what he did  
for me.
Bob is the complete package, which is why I stressed the word “successful”, because you’re not only choosing a superior career coach you’re also gaining a friend.                                                                                                                                       
John T, Bergen County, N.J.

Bob has been a tremendous help for me as I get back into the job search arena.  His unique experience as an HR professional has given me invaluable and practical insight from the hiring point of view.  From teaching and advice on the “how to’s” of networking, creating effective cover letters and resumes, and guidelines to successful interviewing and simulated interviews have vastly improved my job search skills and confidence.  Bob’s honest one on one approach and feedback helps me to stay focused and challenged.  I cannot thank him enough for his dedication in helping me and others in their job searches.          

Pete N., JSWT, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Bob Weingartner is a professional Human Resources specialist and seasoned career coach that will get YOU focused in YOUR job search.  The knowledge he provides to the serious job seeker will get results.  He is direct in stating that “finding a full-time job is a full-time job.  If you are serious about finding your next career choice, then choose Bob.
J. Hofheinz, Purchasing Manager, Creamer Sanzari A Joint Venture